Date 02/10/19 Quite a bit of time has once again slipped by since the last update.. High lights over the last few years have been  Best et  7.5  @190 mph, won the New Zealand Nationals competition division, a couple of runner ups of the national points score series and last season won the point score series competition division

We plan to be competing at the following events this coming season

7th & 8th December 2019  Masterton

29th December 2019          Taupo

4th & 5th January 2020       Masterton
1st February 2020               Motueka
6th February 2020               Taupo
15th & 16th Feb 2020         Masterton
21st March 2020                 Masterton


Date 10/09/16  Been a while since the last update  so here is a brief summery of the last few years

20012/ 2013 season run the car with the old flathead  motor using small % of nitro with varying results

For the 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 seasons we installed the Thompson and Hogan  sb chev  which Pete and Garth kindly loaned to us till we finished our new flathead engine  best time on 20% nitro was 7.7  @180 mph

In December 2015 we lost almost everything in a shed fire including our flathead race motors. We have repaired the fire damage to the dragster (which was mostly from the fire wall back) and  purchased the Thompson and Hogan sb Chev  The Nitro content will be stepped up to 60%  First race will be The Central Nationals at Masterton Motorplex december 10 & 11


Date 27/07/11

The Dragster is is now finished and assembled for the final time less engine. We are currently working on the engine making cylinder heads and oil pan. The short block needs one more trial fit of all parts then will be ready for final wash and final assembly. All going well we will be racing this season (2011 / 2012).



Date 26/11/09

Gary and Andrew assisted by Mike Roberts and Graham Turner are busy building a new front engine dragster. The frame is nearing completion. Engine is once again a 471 super charged 284 ci Flathead. Fuel will be Nitromethane. Transmission is a manually shifted Power Glide with a twin plate slider clutch. The aim now is to have the car finished and running sometime in 2010.